Monday, October 28, 2013

Can We Adults Leave Halloween Alone?!

As an adult with no children at home, I am more or less ambivalent to Halloween except when adults get involved and screw it up for all children.
I do believe that Halloween is really for children. It has truly evolved into a day that adults seem to want to revert to being a kid for one day. OK, fine. But at heart it is something where kids can dress up and go around the neighborhood and collect candy and or other treats from neighbors. And even have a party, maybe at school, and have some fun. Adults that partake in such frivolity as well.
But understand that Halloween does have religious roots as well as pagan roots. So yes, both can lay claim to the day and it is one of the reasons that it is so misunderstood by many.
And that is where we adults come in.
In a strange way, lefty lets-not-offend-anyone types and religious social conservatives had their problems with Halloween.
A digression.
The costume trend began in the United States in particular in the mid-19th century when a wave on German, Irish and Scots came to the United States. Most of those immigrants were Roman Catholic. To the Protestant, Halloween was pretty much a no-no. The Puritans were strongly opposed to celebrating the holiday. But the RCs changed that. And children and adults going around the neighborhood asking the now familiar phrase, Trick or treat. And there is even some religious value in dressing up in some, frightening costumes that pokes fun at the Devil.
Sooo, now we are treated to this from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Yes, there are a whole list of "offensive" costumes.
And what are said "offensive" costumes?
Well, according to this at The Washington Times, here are some of them:

"Geishas, ‘squaws,’ or stereotypical, such as cowboys and Indians."

And if you look at this from the UofC website, you see four photos with sad looking people. Sad that someone would dress up in costume mocking their culture. And they even throw in a. . I can't believe it. . . a White male. One that should not be mocked for maybe being, a hick. White Trash.
Ooh boy!
Grow a frickin spine you whinny losers!
Remember, dressing up in costume is meant to be something one is not. So what if a White guy dresses up as a stereotyped Asian brainiac? A Black gal dressing up as some White Trash gal? Hey, I think it would be cool to have a Black gal dress up as Miley Cyrus. Nothing says White Trash more than Miley! Really you overly sensitive college folks, can you free yourself from victimhood and let loose just one day or night of the year?
Apparently not.
Oh, but you Social Conservatives are fuddy-duddies too.
Because of your perception of Halloween as something along the lines of Satan's birthday, many public institutions no longer refer to the day as Halloween.
No, no, no.
Now it is referred to as a "Fall festival" or something along those lines.
And yes, in many cases the costumes are out. Because they maybe Satanic you know! But pumpkins, hey they are cool.
Again, look at the origins of Halloween. It is BOTH pagan and religious.
I assure all concerned that dressing up in hokey costumes and having fun is not against the Devil or the politically correct agenda.
Once again, the adults screw up and perfectly fine day for children and in turn everyone else.
Can we adults please give Halloween back to the kiddies? Please?
And if we adults want to partake or not, don't infringe on others by falsehoods as being offensive or demeaning to religion.
Is it too much to ask?

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