Friday, August 13, 2010

More From Why No One Trusts The Obamawhore Media File

In a recent poll conducted by the Gallup organization, the American public is continuing to no longer have trust in what I call the Obamawhore media.
That is what is also referred to as the Mainstream Media, or other pet names others use to describe the vanguards such as ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, The Left Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek and Time.
I think that I covered every thing.
The Gallup poll specifically was about newspapers and television news.
Strangely, in the 18-29 year old group, they had the highest trust in newspapers. But read them the least.
Go figure.
But it is a steady decline in the majority of Americans believing that the Obamawhore media is down the middle and that coverage is fair and balanced.
Of course it is not.
But the fraud is still perpetuated by the Obamawhore media that they really are fair and balanced.
But, the following should be a reason to put that theory out in the wastebasket.
The Torrance Daily Breeze is a newspaper that covers the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Primarily Torrance, of course, and some beach cities like Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.
It is one of several Los Angeles area newspapers owned by the MediaNews chain. My local fish wrap, the Pasadena Star-News is one of the newspapers owned by MediaNews.
The Daily Breeze area is represented in congress by Jane Harman, a Democrat. And she is running for reelection.
But, one guesses that does not seem to dawn on the beat writer that is assigned to the campaign, Nick Green.
It appears that Mr. Green does not realize that there is a Republican candidate running against Mrs. Harman. That would be Mattie Fein.
But, in Daily Breeze land, it is nothing but a meh. Nothing to see. Not a real candidate against the mighty Mrs. Harman. Maybe not, but it does have an obligation to cover her as the major party opponent of Mrs. Harman.
How do we know this?
Because when John S. Thomas of Thomas partners sent an e-mail to Mr. Green about when he could talk about Miss Fein's reaction to a claim by Congressman Harman that recently signed legislation "saved" 215 jobs in the district, here is Mr. Green's response:

Don’t call or e-mail us – we’ll call you if we’re interested. And if you haven’t got it yet, we’re not interested. And stop sending the same messages to my co-worker Art as well.
Thank you.Nick

Hey, maybe how about a screw you Nick! Are you an editor at The Daily Breeze? Who died and made you boss? And since when do you turn down stories? Is it not your obligation to report news, especially the reaction of the Republican candidate for the 36th congressional district?
Of course it is a newspapers obligation to report news. And, Miss Fein has a reaction to Mrs. Harman's claim. And whether Mr. Green likes it or not, it is news.
Robert Stacy McCain has been all over this attempt to not report news.
But that is not the end of this tale of journalism malpractice.
Mr. Green now pulls the rabbit out of his hat.
That he is the victim. That The Other McCain and other bloggers are trying to pull an Andrew Breitbart on him. In Mr. Green's attempt at defending himself, here is a nugget of his view of his job:

It's the job of newspaper reporters and editors to decide what to cover when and how.
It's a matter of news judgment, time and resources. And this week I have other priorities and do not wish to be hassled via e-mail by a consultant upset I won't leap on his story pitch.

And also, Mr. Green does not address the fact that he wrote to Mr. Thomas that he is not interested in covering his client, Miss Fein.
The reality is that it is the editor's job to determine what stories are, can and should be covered. And yes, reporters can pitch a story to said editor. It is not up to the reporter to decide what is and not important. And Mr. Green, do you have a problem multi-tasking? Because in your screed, you whine that you are the lead reporter and writer on the salaries of local elected officials. And that you have spent three weeks on it. BOO! HOO! Oh, and who's idea was the epic story you are so working hard on?
So, Mr. Thomas was aggressive about getting some coverage for Miss Fein. Between the two of you, someone could have made a quick phone call, asked some questions and pitched it to the editor. If the editor said that there is not a story there, end of it. I would also ask you to look at what Mr. Thomas wrote to Mr. Green and his co-writer, Art Marraquin. It looks rather innocuous to me. Even if it was sent a hundred times in five minutes. Yet to Mr. Green, all it was a guy that was bothering him. And who really knows what Mr. Marrioquin thinks?
But this gets right down to it.
Mr. Green says that he is an independent journalist. Maybe. But his reaction to Mr. Thomas and his weak defense says otherwise. The reality is at the very least, it is lousy news judgement. At worst it is a decided bias and quite frankly a laziness on the part of Mr. Green.
Now, will Mr. Green stop the whining "defense" of himself and admit that he was wrong? Will either Mr. Green or Mr. Marroquin actually cover Miss Fein? That remains to be seen.
But, it is up to us as watchdogs to demand that media cover stories at least with a modicum of balance. It would have been nice to know how the Republican interpreted Mrs. Harman's remarks and claims.
All of this leads to the mistrust of the American public of the media. Why this blogger refers to it as the Obamawhore media. And unless they change, New Media will overtake them and that may actually be a good thing.

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